Rudy Ogon (rudy_ogon) wrote,
Rudy Ogon

Kvaratskhelia is beaten, tortured, we suspect he was killed

The victims rehabilitation center "Empathy" will protect the interests of Irakli Kvaratskhelia who died in the occupied territories . The medical expert of the Center was involved in the examination of the body.

The NGO says 29-year-old young man is severely beaten and they link it to the wrong policy of the Georgian government. The Center does not exclude that the reason for the passivity of Tbilisi on the international arena is a hidden agreement with Russia.

"According to our data, this person has been beaten and tortured and we have substantiated doubt that this person has been killed and we are dealing with practically the same case as Tatunashvili"s case," -says the director of the center "Empathy" , Mariam Jishkariani.
Tags: empire du mal, géorgie, occupation par les russes
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